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What is Root Android | Why People Root Android Phones

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What is Root Android | Why People Root Android Phones

Anwaar September 5, 2018

If you wondered what is root Android and why people root android phones , i have covered all of in this article. I’ll be covering the reasons to root your phone and what root does your phone! Hopefully after reading this article you will know what is root Android and why people root android mobiles.

What is Root Android

what is root android

what is root android

Root is the top most directory of the Phone Storage , the system admin has also called root. Root is switching to the Root user.The root user is a user, which can access Root directory and can make changes to it. To switch the user to root user you can type su in the android terminal (su=switch user)! This can be only done, if you have the root binaries inside /system/xbin which could be added by flashing a file by using custom recovery on an unlocked device! After that you become the root user. you can access the root directory!

Why People root android phones

In this smart phone world.Every one has android phone and its software provider has fixed a limit in installation and modding to its internal database or in software. So for the Extra thing, you need to root your android phone. There are many reason to root android mobiles because root give you Superuser. Its mean that you got access after rooting android phone to changing and modding in software’s and many more things in developer mods.

Video Tutorial on What is Root android

Preventing rooting for security

Providing full access to an operating system’s source code opens the possibility for users to unintentionally corrupt the proper functioning of their phones. It can also allow other apps to potentially cause damage. For example, unwittingly installing a malicious app could completely disable, or “brick,” your phone, or worse, give the app access to the complete functionality and data in your phone.By default, your user account hasn’t logged in as root, so all your apps have the usual limited permissions and access.

Benefits of Rooting Android

There are many benefits of rooting android phones. Few listed here.

1.You can change the Firmware.

2.You can get access to connected WiFi password.

3.You can modify the Navigation.

4.You can install the restricted applications.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android 

There are disadvantages of rooting android cell phones.

1.Your”ll loss your Android phone warranty after rooting your android phone.

2.There is a chance to permanently damage or Soft Brick of your Android Phone.

3.Your Firmware will not give you latest updates.


Now, you know all about the rooting purpose, all benefits and disadvantages of rooting android phone.So, its your choice to root or not root your android device.



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